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Production Crew Notices for Charlotte, NC Productions

Jesonda Productions is currently seeking production

crew members for the following areas

Come and join our production team

Production Assistant

The Production Assistant has the important role of liaising with all members involved in a production - the director, cast, technical crew, wardrobe and so on. P.A.s are the link throughout the rehearsal period and the run of the play, keeping a list of everyone involved, marking moves on the prompt script, noting down quick changes and props, and prompting at performances. The PA is often more involved in a production than anyone else as they are present from the auditions, attending all rehearsals, Technical and Dress Rehearsals, right through to the last night performance. For this reason it is often a good introduction to the theater for new members, working with an experienced PA, giving them the chance to get to know several people from the beginning, actors as well as technicians. A good PA ensures the smooth running of a production, making sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time. It is a demanding role, not to be undertaken lightly, but can be very enjoyable and rewarding.


Assistant Stage Manager

The Stage Manager co-ordinates the work of the other technical sections during the running of a play, giving cues over the headset system to lighting, sound and flying sections and liaises with other departments (props., costume/wardrobe, set design, music) to make sure the play runs smoothly. All the work for each play/show is written down on cards or wall-charts and in the Stage Manager’s script.


Stage Crew

If you want to work backstage and you’re not sure where to start, stage crewing is a good place to begin. No experience is necessary, you will be involved in the running of the show and you can see what all the other sections do. You don’t have to be strong, but you do have to be quick, quiet and calm when working backstage - training will be given in anything else you need to know.


If interested in one of these positions please call 980.288.8075

or email


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